Over the past couple of years I have been asked by several young friends how they could bring their little children up to celebrate Christmas authentically without involving them in all the commercialisation and consumerism of the twenty-first century.

After some consideration I got together a day-long workshop. It covered the origins of many of our Christmas and Winter customs, suggesting alternative activities which better reflect their true nature and showing everyone how to construct a selection of authentic decorations made from natural evergreens. We ended the day as dusk was falling, with a candlelit Christmas afternoon tea and carol singing around an blazing log fire. It was very successful and greatly enjoyed by everyone who participated – including myself!

Afterwards I wondered about putting my notes from the workshop into a booklet but realised that there was SO much to include – far too much for just a few pages – and quickly decided that I would jump in at the deep end and write a full-length book. Drawing on my childhood memories, my spiritual beliefs, my deep love of home and family and my passion for Midwinter and Christmas has really seemed to engage and inspire people, so I have included plenty of these ideas, observations and reminiscences to illustrate my suggestions.

The result is my first book, ‘Merry Midwinter’.

Watch the video from the Fundraiser that lead to Merry Midwinter’s existence in print here!