Merry Midwinter: How to Rediscover the Magic of the Christmas Season
Merry Midwinter Cover

Merry Midwinter: How to Rediscover the Magic of Christmastime. Published by Unbound. Available from Amazon, and all good bookshops.

My book contains lots of simple, accessible ideas about how we can rekindle the true essence of Midwinter/Christmas celebration by doing and giving of ourselves and not succumbing to all the stressful and expensive commercial pressures and consumer hype.

It explains why it is important to celebrate the whole season, (not just the 25th December), the physical and spiritual relevance of solar activity at Midwinter and the origins of many of our most well-known and best-loved Christmas traditions.

‘Merry Midwinter’ is completely non-religious but is a celebration of family, community and life. It demonstrates how we can dress our houses with traditional authentic evergreen decorations, give thoughtful and sincere gifts, celebrate more genuinely, and be more inclusive in all our activities. It suggests how we can be more considerate and honest in our dealings with each other. How, for instance, we can more authentically and genuinely send out greetings cards and ‘round robin’ letters. When we can ask for – and expect/get – support and help. How to deal with the challenges of difficult relatives and family members and to remember the less fortunate, lonely and sick. All this in a flurry of family recipes, craft instructions, historical facts and explanations, fresh and inspiring suggestions, stories, vignettes, childhood reminiscences and present day snapshots of a busy but dedicated family.

Here are dreams brought into down-to-earth and very possible reality. ‘Merry Midwinter’ realistically demonstrates how we can all surmount our different beliefs and practices and come together in loving commonality to share true gifts of recognition, compassion and community. More importantly, it sets out a potential framework of loving awareness and service for life in general, not just for a few days around a solar/religious event.

True Christmas is a state of mind and a way of life… ALL year round!

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