View from Caer EnganYou can do something life-changing and life-affirming today. You can improve your life. You can change the world. It is really very simple.

In Walking With The Goddess this month we shall be working with the energies of Math ap Mathonwy who will provide us with the key to access our memory codes stored within our DNA. We have memories of all the life that we have ever lived stored within it and in challenging times such as the pandemic has produced, we need to remember how we have previously faced and successfully got through similar experiences. We need to call on our strengths and courage to discover the inspiration to formulate a new way of living – one which does not replicate our old, destructive and dysfunctional ‘normal’ from before Covid-19 but a bright new future which encompasses a nurturing and loving community and nourishes and honours all life on the planet.

There are many ‘keys’ to achieving this. A major necessity is to harmonise our lives with that of the natural world and to reconnect to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth. The first steps we may take to do this is are to literally become aware of the Earth we stand upon and to notice, acknowledge and celebrate what is going on around us in nature. This month there are suggestions for gathering the natural bounty of the wayside and woodland to bring into your home to decorate and enjoy at this time of year.

Hand in hand with this is an active participation in cleaning up and eliminating from our lives activities and substances which are damaging to the environment – and, in a roundabout way, damaging to us too. This month we take a look at the fabric we use to clothe ourselves and decorate our homes with. This needs long, hard consideration and sustainable long-term action – new habits forming and definite decisions making.

Every good thought, each small action does make a difference. We can make a difference. Together, we can achieve a great deal. So why not come Walking With The Goddess today? Each monthly, on-line module contains around 7,000 words (or 24 pages) of background information, inspiring ideas and practical tasks and challenges, as well as a 20 – 40 minute audio guided meditation for you to listen to and join in with. It only costs £5 – and if that is financially too challenging for you, just get in touch with me and we can make some other arrangement. Just click on this link for more information: or this link: to purchase the September module.

May you be safe and well in these difficult times.

I look forward to hearing from you,
With my love.