How are we all going to survive Christmas this year and still enjoy it?

Yet, Christmas needn’t cost a fortune – you can actually get away with spending very little. Nor does Christmas have to cost us the Earth – literally – simply so that we can spend money we don’t really have on a lot of factory-produced tat whilst simultaneously bleeding the planet dry of all its natural resources.

The pandemic taught us many things. When we were suddenly not allowed to be with our family and friends – our dearest loved ones – many of us realised that this was the most important element of our Christmas… not what we eat, drink, dress or receive, but who we are with and how we feel.

So, hold that thought!

It really begins with how we look at life and appreciate – make the most of -everything that comes our way. It is founded upon how we relate to and interact with the people around us – loved ones, neighbours, strangers… Christmas is the season of peace, hospitality and goodwill to all.

Here is a little booklet which strips away all the consumerism and hype, encourages recycling and a lot less waste in a loving, joyful atmosphere of community and fun.

With alternative Advent calendars, cards, wrapping, decorations, gifts, crackers, hats, pantomimes and activities which cost little or nothing, topped by useful seasonal recipes and a simple but sumptuous Christmas Dinner for four costing less than £20, bring everyone together for a truly alternative, cost effective (cheaper!) festive celebration which they will fondly remember for many years to come.

THIS BOOKLET IS FREELY AVAILABLE ONLINE OR TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT. To read the booklet, scroll down this page, or to download a print-ready version, please click hereTo print it out as a booklet select ‘booklet printing’ in adobe acrobat – instructions here.

It can also be purchased in paper form for the amount which it costs to print from Herbary Books.

Christmas on a Shoestring DISTRIBUTABLE