The autumn/winter lights begin for me now; with the setting up and decoration of our autumnal branch

Greetings! Autumn is well and truly upon us with the rest of the fruit, nuts and vegetable crops coming to full ripeness and our stores happily filled once more against the coming lean months of winter.

Spiritually, emotionally, personally, this is also the time to look back and reflect on the warm, light months and growing cycle which is just coming to an end. How have you grown over the past three seasons? How have you developed and what have you personally harvested? Now is the time for gratitude, to give joyful thanks for all you have… for all you are…

As we reach the point of balance between light and dark, feel that moment of stasis within yourself and appreciate this pivotal position as we slowly top the rise and begin to metaphorically slide down into the depths of winter. Relish the light and the golden sunshine, the bounty of the Earth and her great beauty as she dons her autumnal garb – smile and feel the joy of life.

A blissful and bounteous Equinox to you all!