Our tiny circle, basking in the sunshine, and all ready for this evening.

After all the rain, grey cloud and chilly temperatures, here in Snowdonia we have woken to the most perfect Summer Solstice weather – blue skies and golden sunshine!

And what a perfect time to celebrate… we have made it out of the darkness of winter and all the negative events which are occurring around the world, but we are all still here. Time to celebrate, to feel the joy of high summer and the power of the Sun at his most potent.

However, Neptune is exerting a strong influence at present – which doesn’t surprise me at all as my darling husband has just rushed in to tell me that the cold water pipe under the sink in the back kitchen is gushing water…

So, I shall draw this message to a premature halt and go and play at mudlarks!

But we shall be in circle this evening to honour the time of year and the new dawn which it is heralding.

Wishing you all much love, joy and laughter,
Have a wonderful Solstice!
With my love.