On the 28th November I shall be chatting to Jon Gilmore on his ‘Saturday Breakfast’ programme on Radio Lancashire about my book ‘The Alternative Advent Calendar’… very seasonal as the First Sunday of Advent occurs the next day and the first day of the month of Advent just three days later. Tune in just before to hear how we get on with each other – or perhaps I  shall be chatting to his co-presenter, Shigufta, instead!

Which and whoever, I am sure that a fun time will be had by us all and hopefully lots more of my fellow Lancastrians will decide to buy my book and try living an ‘Alternative Advent’ too!


On Tuesday, the 6th January 2021, I shall be talking to Selina Mackenzie on her regular programme on Talk Radio Europe. Christmas and Midwinter celebration will be over by then and we shall have begun a New Year – and what better time to discuss my newest book, ‘Spring In Your Step’ which has its roots in the month of January and moves on into spring from there.

Tune in just before for some inside insight on what celebrating the springtime is really all about!