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Next Instalment of Digital Healing Workshop

january BonfireGreetings for the bright beginnings of a new month!

Just a brief reminder that the next instalment of Walking With The Goddess is now available to purchase.

This is a brilliant opportunity to do something truly different – to heal and be healed – to become increasingly empowered and to reach out to the world around you and make a huge difference.

The focus for March is on the element of fire – the growing light and warmth of the returning spring and the energy which it represents in regrowth throughout the natural world. There is an explanation of the importance of the hearth within the Celtic home and community and how we can discover our own sacred fire. There is an audio recording of a guided journey to the hearth of the goddess Ffraid to find inspiration and healing, whilst the challenges and tasks for the month involve our local communities and the rewilding of our public or neglected places.

There are also weekly distant healing sessions to join in with each Wednesday evening and a Facebook page where you are welcome to ask questions or  share ideas, experiences and encouragement.

It only costs £5 for each monthly module. Come and sample what I am offering for March. For more information or to pay for the next month, click here:  This takes you to the Introductory page at the bottom of which you will find the Pay Button to purchase your next month of inspiring experiences and interaction with our amazing world.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 2018

On my way into the woods

Celebrating the Winter Solstice yesterday came as a timely antidote to all the travel and excitement of being in London the previous day. Nothing could possibly be more different from the hustle, bustle, noise and frenetic movement of several million people crammed into a relatively small space. The deserted mountains of Snowdonia thickly cloaked in swirling blankets of grey cloud lay like moody sleeping giants around us. Occasionally the lowering skies wept gentle showers of rain. Everything lay damp… and very still… and very quiet.

Carrying baskets of torches and candles, firewood and goodies, we walked deeper into the woods which now cover the deep scars of what was once one of the biggest slate quarries in North Wales. We headed for our usual spot amongst the birch, willow and oak trees and here we lit our Midwinter fire and our coloured lanterns to hang among the trees.

We came to reminisce about the year just passing; to set out intentions for the coming cycle of seasons; to sing our old, beloved carols and songs; to give great thanks

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