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Woodland Foraging

Out until twilight this evening in Beddgelert forest, gathering the abundance of the woodland for a workshop I am leading this coming Sunday afternoon. It is part of the ‘Vibrant Vegan’ retreat at Trigonos and I am busily assembling baskets and baskets of acorns, beech and alder masts, hazel nuts, heather, berries and foliage to provide the twenty-two participants with enough living potential to make autumnal door wreaths, broaches, table decorations and – lastly – cute little fir cone gnomes.

All good fun, and gives me a lovely excuse to be wandering the  woodland ways with my family and dogs as I source and gather the necessary wild materials. And yes, I am always respectful, and ask each bush, plant or area if it is willing to donate some of its produce to whatever I am making. I am also careful not to over-pick from any one tree or place so that no one can actually see I have been there and taken anything. One also had to bear in mind that many insects, animals and birds rely on our autumnal abundance for winter food. They are mostly territorial and we humans need to be careful not to completely denude one territorial patch and leave some wild creature without supplies.

Always remember to be thoughtful, grateful and appreciative. Otherwise, a stroll in the sunshine to collect some bits and pieces to make a seasonal wreath is a really lovely past-time for this time of year. Take a walk out… and enjoy!

Out and About

MBS Fair, LlandudnoHow to spend a gloriously sunny Saturday – among other lovely people who share an interest in healing, thinking and different spirituality, of course! This picture was taken of me yesterday at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fair at Venue Cymru in Llandudno. You can even read some of the details of the various workshops which I am offering this summer and autumn! Had a great day and met some marvellous people. Next one is on the 3rd August, if anyone would like to mark it in their diary and come along for a chat and explore the various possibilities of such alternative ways of thinking, healing and living.

Something Fresh For Your New Year

Lammas RitualIf you enjoyed reading my book, ‘Merry Midwinter’, or following the simple suggestions in the Alternative Advent Calendar, why not delve a little deeper to discover the ethos behind them? Come and join me on the next cycle of ‘Earthwalking’, a practical, down-to-earth way of interacting with yourself, the rest of humanity and the natural world around you. Over the course of a year you will enjoy seven weekend workshops full of simple activities and discussion which help you to foster a greater connection to and basic love of our own human journey.

The next cycle begins on the 19th – 20th January, and due to last minute cancellations there are still s couple of places left. Or you might wish to join us later in the spring when the next cycle begins in early April. For those of you who live too far away to travel to North Wales, I shall be placing the ‘Earthwalking’ course on-line within the next few weeks.

Each weekend costs just £125 (including all meals and some basic accommodation); the on-line course will cost £50 per module, including personal tutorials and support throughout. (Concessions available,)

New Year is a really good time to begin something fresh and new. There is much about our world and our life within it that we have little or no control over, but what we CAN do is to change the way we respond to it… and that makes a total difference!

Please do get in touch with me for more details, or to have a chat about the options available.

Blessings and love for a nourishing and productive 2019.


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