Gillian Spring EquinoxThis morning on Facebook I saw this very question. One lady was sad that the usefulness of her long-lasting toothbrush had finally come to an end and she didn’t want to offend it by using it to clean anything else before finally disposing of it. Another lady wanted to know how on earth you actually offend a toothbrush? I would have liked to answer her at the time but couldn’t stop to do it then – however, the druid in me can’t let it go – so here is my answer – see if you agree with it or understand what I am talking about. There are actually two ways in which we can ‘offend’ an inanimate object.

Firstly, everything resonates with energy – scientifically proven fact. Mental thoughts, spoken words and emotions also have vibrating energies – also scientifically proven fact, as illustrated in the many research programmes involving plant life and how it responds to certain actions being performed near to it or various emotions and/or thoughts being directed at it… sometimes from hundreds of miles away.

I acknowledge that a toothbrush is an inanimate object rather than a plant which ‘lives’ but it will still resonate with energy and still be subject to thoughts, (and the intentions they contain), so at some very low level of resonance it will react to the unharmonious thoughts being directed at it while its owner/user is contemplating throwing it way or otherwise destroying if.

For those of a more sensitive nature I suggest that before disposing of anything in your household, you at least take a few seconds to register your appreciation of the object and give it your thanks. If you are putting a load of stuff in your rubbish or recycling bins, just pause for a moment and be thankful for all that we have; for all the richness and variety which we have in our lives; all the convenience; and also for having someone to come and take it all away for us – even in these challenging times when recycling centres and council tips are closed to the public. In this way, your ‘rubbish’ takes on a resonance of harmony and gratitude from humanity to feed into its own mass-consciousness of existence. (An action which humanity is all too frequently sadly lacking in – appreciation of our surroundings and possessions.)

The other way in which we often ‘offend’ inanimate items is by not using them for that which they were fashioned or made. Using something for which it was originally intended honours the item itself and the people who crafted or manufactured it, transported it and sold it to you – an activity which we are not nearly so free to indulge in now that the Covid-19 pandemic is upon us.

Using something carelessly, without thought, in the wrong or inappropriate manner has an inharmonious effect on the item and its surroundings. The word degradation springs to mind. Too frequently we degrade our possessions and the natural world around us – we are careless and thoughtless, like undisciplined children.  In my youth I had a good Muslim friend who, if he ever found a piece of dry bread upon the ground would acknowledge the importance of this ‘staff of life’ by picking it up, briefly putting it to his lips and then placing it in an alternative elevated position. Ever wondered why, apparently for no logical reason, you suddenly feel so ratty or irritated when you have been doing a simple job ar activity? Think again. Perhaps you have unwittingly created disharmony and are then suffering the effects of such.

In this way we might remain a consumer society but at least we shall be one which is mindful of what it uses, grateful for what it has and ethically disposes of its possessions when they reach the end of their useful life. Action follows thought. Many of us would like to see a better world, a better way of doing things and living our lives arising from the difficulties, collapse, heartache and emotion of our current lives. If you want to bring this change into being, start by altering your attitudes and outlook… even to a humble toothbrush.

So while many of us are stuck in self-isolation, we do have the time and opportunity to ponder on such things, although I recognise and understand that so many of us are also in a fog of fear and despair.

As thoughts can take tangible form and travel to their intended recipient, my love and hugs go out to all who read this – stay well and safe and keep smiling!