Please read this – I will be brief. We have all heard of what is taking place in the Ukraine. Might I suggest that we ALL respond in a radical way that is sure to have an effect? When you think or hear of what is taking place, please, please, please simply send that part of our world… those brothers and sisters of ours of the human race who are facing such challenges on many levels – a loving thought, straight from your heart.

It is easy for us to succumb to our own volatile emotions – to respond with horror, fear, sadness and hopelessness, as well as give way to judgement, bias, aggression, belligerence, hatred, and so on. And we feel self-righteously justified in thinking and feeling this way.

But acts of aggression are already generating all these energies – and more. Right now, the Ukrainian and Russian people do not need us all focusing more of the same upon their situation – do not need the corrosive judgement, indignation and anger of the world directed at them – they need our love.

So, please, whenever you hear about or think of the conflict which is currently unfolding in that part of the world, please direct your pure and unconditional love towards them. Some people are lighting candles in their places of religious worship or their homes – light a candle in your heart and keep it burning bright and true.

Do not add to the problem – be a part of the solution.