Flag of UkraineI have just had an extraordinary conversation with my family. They happen periodically. The last occurred when we sensed that something monumentally threatening was approaching our world, our society, and a few months later, the pandemic swept into our lives.

This latest conversation concerns the horrendous events taking place in Ukraine. I see the heart-breaking pictures of families torn apart, of elderly people, traumatised and in real need of warmth, food and comfort, of bewildered children and physically and emotionally exhausted women, of men crying as they say goodbye to their loved ones on crowded railway platforms,  and I just want to sweep them all up in my arms. Like so many of us, we, as a family, desperately want to do something to help.

We have a decent-sized spare room. We have decided to offer shelter and accommodation to a Ukrainian family – or whoever needs us most. We are currently checking the internet each day so that we may apply as soon as we are able to do so.

My son speaks some Russian, which might be helpful. He also thinks that he will be able to access Ukrainian T.V. via the internet for any visitor to watch. If others in the area also volunteer to extend their welcome and hospitality to these people, then gatherings and events can be organised for them so that refugees do not feel quite so isolated. Various thoughts along these lines are blossoming in my mind – I  have a reasonably-sized living room and dining room which could also possibly be utilised for social events – but I mustn’t get ahead of myself!

Would YOU consider doing something similar to temporarily help out? Is there anyone in my own area of Snowdonia who is contemplating also taking such action? Perhaps we could contact each other so that in our openhearted and openhanded efforts, we don’t feel quite so isolated either?

We all feel shock and horror at what is being perpetrated in the Ukraine. Often, when we hear of such suffering, it is so far away that we feel powerless to help, but here is an opportunity to really get involved – to demonstrate not just our support but our warmth and love.

So, come on all my readers – what can you do to help? If ever you have felt sympathy or compassion for people suffering somewhere else in the world, now is your chance to put those feelings into practical action!