Come and join me for a workshop on how to write a biography, whether that be your own story or that of a family member or friend or family history.

The Anglesey Writing Festival takes place in Menai Bridge on Saturday, 29th April – very reasonably priced and a great day out when you will get the chance to talk to lots of local authors – specialists in their own field – and listen to heaps of great advice and inspiring ideas.

Writing your own story or the story of someone else’s life can be utterly fascinating and absorbing. As the writer you become detective and it is amazing what you can uncover!

In my workshop we shall be looking at perspective and subjectivity, timelines and titles; the use of letters, diaries and other documents and the vital hidden clues they may contain; the importance of artefacts; tips on how to interview someone and the perils of transcription; context and prioritising information. Also what details to include and when to leave something out; not forgetting the all important step of organising your information and beginning to write it down.

Check out the details Perhaps I might see you there!