PLEASE NOTE: Before the advent of Covid-19 I had already decided that, due to pressure of work, I would be stepping back from presenting Earthwalking and any other live workshops. Now, due to health risks, it is uncertain when we may be able to begin such activities again, but I shall leave the details of Earthwalking for you to read below. If it particularly interests you, get in touch with me for more details. I can always put your name down as potentially interested for if/when I begin to offer these workshops again. Or I may decide to put the course on-line instead.


Authentic Application of Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life – practical, inspiring, empowering: a cycle of seven weekends throughout the course of one year.

Community in nature

Community in Nature
Earthwalking brings a simple, accessible spiritual path to the wild-hearted person in the 21st century.

An optimist sees the doughnut, a pessimist only sees the hole. It is all a case of perspective – the thing itself doesn’t change, it is how we perceive it. We can look on the bright side and choose to rejoice in all that is whole, beautiful, and happy. No need to merely focus on the cracked, broken and difficult; unless, of course, you are going to take the proverbial bull by the horns and do something about it.

However, if we choose to see and acknowledge a daily round which positively makes the very most of each and every little thing which comes our way, we might be surprised – nay, astonished – to find that a lot of the huge, dark,

It is not solely about perception though – that is just


Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens
Earthwalking takes place at Cae Non, our tranquil retreat on the Llyn Peninsula. one facet of this down-to-earth approach; there is the question of what action do we take: do we smile? or frown? do we offer a


Are You Ready for New Perspectives?

Are You Ready for New Perspectives?
New Horizons of Perception and Practice will open to you on Earthwalking… Join us in the Sanctuary of space out of space, and time out of time…

kind word? or do we utter an expletive or criticism? Are we positive or negative? It is as simple as that. When we actively choose the

positive action or outlook it begins to have a physical impact on our bodies

which in turn effects our emotional mood and we end up feeling better. Not only do we begin to make the world around us that bit better but we actively help ourselves to be happier too.

It is as simple as that.

However, simple is not necessarily easy! The trick here is to establish positive, straightforward patterns of basic behaviour and then consciously practice them until – like anything done often enough – they become an unconscious habit and integrate permanently into our daily life.

Don’t look for magical events – make a mundane task magical instead.

The fairy tale starts here!

£125 per weekend – unwaged or low-waged concessions. Includes all tuition, refreshments and home -cooked vegetarian meals; plus course support between weekends. (Possibly might be able to offer basic overnight accommodation to limited number).

If you would like more details or to book a place, please get in touch with me via this website.