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Glorious June!

Flowers for the goddessJune is here! A gorgeously inspiring month of flowers, light and beauty. With it comes a new module of Walking With The Goddess inviting you to blend and meld with the natural potency and energy of the Sun as we approach Midsummer, to experience a wondrously joyful dance with the Lady of Flowers, and to harmonise your wisdom and channels of connection with the Owl Goddess, Blodeuwedd.

You will also be guided to open your eyes, become more sensitively and intuitively aware and deepen your psychic abilities to understand what is going on around you in your personal, domestic world. And you will be encouraged to formulate a new future – reject a return to the out-worn ‘old norm’ and dream into being a vibrant new  normality.  This is a joyous, celebratory month and the activities of this module reflect the optimism and potential of an alternative bright future.

This is a fresh and totally original way of experiencing and interacting with ancient archetypal deity, both for the self development and the healing of our planet.

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to find out more. It only costs £5 and there is no obligation to fulfil any task or to continue. If you would like to discuss anything with me about the digital course, simply send me an email or message.

One way or another, I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Merry Midsummer!

Cader idrisHere we are! Despite the peculiarities of the weather (being hot too soon and cold when it shouldn’t and too dry or too wet at inconvenient times) and all the worries and deep concerns about the state of our planet, we have come through the winter into spring and then into summer.

Here we are at the Summer Solstice – the day of longest light when dusk only comes just before eleven o’clock in the evening and  the nights are hardly truly dark at all. This day is the culmination of the past six months of struggle from the cold and dark into the lush green fecundity of a burgeoning natural world. It seems to have been quite a long hard slog.

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